Father John Misty @ Roundhouse

Roundhouse, 18/05/2016

Hands down the best show I have ever been to. I am still in awe because it was so unbelievably good. I had seen Father John Misty once before,  over a year ago, but he has really upped his game since then. Tonight was the first of his three sold out show’s at Roundhouse and it was an unforgettable one for sure.

The supporting band was Khruangbin, a band from Texas with an unpronounceable name. After someone shouted out if they could repeat their name and they explained that it is the Thai word for airplane, which I found quite interesting. Josh (Father John Misty) joined them on stage for a few songs which was unexpected but a nice surprise. I hadn’t really listened Khruangbin but I will definitely start, they were unique and talented, all you can ask for when discovering a new band. Later on that night Josh said that people should go and buy Khruangbin‘s record and listen to it while staring off into the distance dressed in a bathrobe if they wanted to be like him, so I guess that is one way to motivate people.

Father John Misty opened his set with Everyman Needs A Companion and from the very first note the crowd was captivated. Everything about this artist is just indescribably unique. I can never quite figure out if he is crazy, high or just very into his music, even when I talked to him before the show last year. It is most probably a combination of everything but either way the end result is incredible.

What I have always liked about Father John Misty‘s music is that it is quite varied, both concerning sound and topics. His sometimes bizarre lyrics are really what makes him special. He goes from talking about “mascara, blood, ash and cum” (I love you Honeybear) to critiquing the overuse of “strange devices” instead of talking face to face in True Affection  to singing about a “wedding dress someone was probably murdered in”. (Chateau Lobby #4). 

The performance was incredibly passionate and full of unexpected moments. The air was filled with soap bubbles while he played Fun Times in Babylon and there was confetti. Watching Father John Misty perform it is clear that music is in every fibre of his body, he is completely immersed in it. This resulted in him throwing his guitar around, laying down on stage and at one point even shoving the microphone down the front of his trousers. (There was a crew member who seemed to appear out of thin air ready to catch it and untangle his microphone cables so he wouldn’t trip.Seems like a solid career choice to be quite frank.)

When he came back on for the encore he asked if the audience had any questions and just had a casual conversation with some people from the crowd, until he decided that it was starting to tun into chaos “like America”. He then played I Went To The Store One Day without his band, which I really enjoyed because the song is so sweet. After that he announced that he would play his favourite love song, and started covering I want to fuck you like an animal by Nine Inch Nails, which had the crowd go absolutely crazy. The last song he played was Ideal Husband and I don’t think he could have chosen a better song to end the night with.

He jumped off the stage several times during the show to let people touch him and hug him and just connect with the crowd. I ended up covered in his sweat, but it was worth it, I guess that is what you call real interaction with the audience. After the show, after the band had left and some playlist was playing in the background, he came down again, went along the metal barrier and hugged anyone he could reach, which I find very impressive, because he must have been utterly exhausted after that set.

This show was probably double the size of the gig I had been to in Berlin last year, and I was surprised that it was actually better since I normally prefer smaller venues. The only regret that I have after seeing Father John Misty tonight is that I didn’t buy tickets for all three nights.


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