Kevin Morby @ Oslo Hackney

Oslo Hackney, 05/05/2016

This gig was one that I was especially excited about. I had come across Kevin Morby on Spotify quite some time ago and had been listening to his music continuously ever since, so when I found out about this London gig I knew that I had to go. I had never been to the venue before and I was pleasantly surprised. “Oslo” is a really nice restaurant and bar in Hackney that I will definitely visit at some point, upstairs there’s the music venue. It’s pretty small and dark but I really enjoyed it. I prefer small gigs to big shows by far, because they are just much more intimate and generally, they are really cheap as well.

The show started later than expected, but it was definitely worth the wait. The supporting act was Alex Cameron, an Australian artist who I had unfortunately never heard of before. This tall blond man, wearing slacks and a white shirt, completely alone on the stage with his microphone, was simply infatuating. He gave off a vibe that very much reminded me of a young David Bowie. He is a true performer and it was amazing to be introduced to an artist like this. His synth-pop might not be everyone’s cup of tea but  when he finished his set I was sure that I would definitely want to hear more of his music.

During the break between the supporting act and Kevin Morby the venue finally filled up. Unfortunately most people came after Alex Cameron had finished his set, but quite frankly, if you decide to come after the supporting act, you’re missing out on really good music 90% of the time. Once Kevin and his band came on stage there was a great atmosphere in the room. With the small stage and intimate venue the concert felt very personal and  relaxed. I was genuinely surprised that Kevin managed to play his whole set wearing his suit without getting a heat stroke, because it was incredibly warm in that room. Kevin said that it was one of the biggest crowds they had ever played for and I am always happy to hear that, because I really enjoy finding new artists before they become too popular and overly commercialised.

They played most of the songs that I hoped they would perform even though I was quite sad that they didn’t play Ferris Wheel or Drunk and on a Star since those are two of my absolute favourite Kevin Morby songs. The songs that I most enjoyed were Harlem River, Parade and I Have Been to the Mountain. Overall their set was the kind that just leaves you with a good feeling and makes happy that you came to see it. I was very impressed with Kevin’s band, the guitar solos we’re absolutely stunning and they seemed like a really nice group of people.

All in all, I can just say that it was a great night,at a great venue, and that I will definitely go to see both Kevin Morby and Alex Cameron again, as soon as I get the chance.


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